Dental Prostheses

The definitive solution to your problem

Dental prostheses are the optimal solution in case of total lack of teeth or in all those cases in which there are single teeth or groups of damaged teeth. Dental prostheses can be fixed or mobile: the choice of which solution to use depends on the starting situation. For the creation of fixed and removable dental prostheses, we make use of the best raw materials, capable of guaranteeing a long-lasting result over time.

We only use technologically advanced materials, such as titanium, zirconium and ceramic without a metal structure. Impression taking takes place with a digital scanner, which has now replaced traditional impressions.

Types of dental prostheses

1. Removable prostheses

Removable prostheses are a particular type of prosthesis so called because it can be easily removed by the patient wearing it. Generally, this is the solution that is mostly used in all those cases in which it is not possible to offer the patient a dental implant. The removal of the prosthesis takes place mainly to ensure that the state of daily hygiene of the teeth is maintained.

2. Fixed prosthesis

Le protesi fisse sono invece una tipologia di protesi che, come è facilmente intuibile, non possono essere rimosse una volta applicate in bocca. Possono essere fissate sia sui denti naturali, sia sugli impianti.

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