Who we are?

Our exceptionally well-trained doctors come from the most elite educational institutions. Passionate about their profession, they stay abreast of the latest technologies, treatments/practices, and advancements through participation in continuing education experiences and dental practices that explore advances in treatments.

Our entire team is committed to providing each patient with a more comfortable and personal experience while in our relaxing and modern environment.

We look forward to having you as a patient and thank you for choosing us for your dental care. If you haven't scheduled your appointment already, call us today or click the button below.

Our team

Our team is made up of very experienced and highly qualified professional dental doctors and graduates in Italy who have international experiences, for this reason they are able to guarantee you a multilingual service who continue to educate themselves continuously and follow world trends in all fields of dental medicine. dental medicine.

Albania deserves to be known through a pleasant journey full of surprises and beautiful hospitality, La Famiglia del Sorriso will arrange a tour for you with a personal tour guide starting with free airport pick-up service.

La Famiglia del Sorriso clinic sees it as its mission to serve patients responsibly within the framework of the Hippocratic Oath. When the responsibility of the doctor is combined with the latest technology, the service reaches perfection.

Our vision is to always be consistent with the innovations in the scientific framework of stomatology together with recent technologies. This technology, which is a strength, helps doctors to achieve high achievements in the science of medicine.

If you are looking for the best quotes with the best dentists in Tirana Albania but you don't know if they will be able to take care of your case; we have the perfect solution for you, you can write us your problem! In this way our professionals will evaluate your case, give you a premise of what could happen once you arrive in our dental clinic in Albania and could give you an approximate cost of what could be done with your case.

This service is totally free, we do not charge you any cost to provide you with a quote or advice. So we encourage you to take this opportunity to hear what the dentist in Albania has to say about your disease or condition, they will probably have a totally different diagnosis than the one you have been given and it might even be quite affordable compared to what they are for you. offering in your country.

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